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ANICA Pharma

Quality System ANICA Labs has established an independent, strict and sound quality management system in accordance with ISO9001:2000, including two functional departments, QC and QA.

QC is equipped with state-of-the-art devices, ensuring the quality of raw materials, intermediates, final products and process water.

QA is responsible for establishing and optimizing the quality management system. Full-time QA personnel have been set up for monitoring the process of supplier evaluation, raw materials procurement, warehouse-in inspection, production process, product release, product delivery and customers’ feedback.

QA manages the quality system through site circuit inspection, regular inspection and quality report submission.


We are highly committed to clean environment and going green, we have forced evaporation System of 5 K.L is in place to treat the effluents generated.  Primary and Secondary storage tanks are provided to handle the effluents. Separate storage area is provided to store solid wastes. We employ high efficiency waste water treatment, 500 ton/day COD < 300

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