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ANICA Pharma

Plant Anica Labs Pvt.Ltd is located in 9.03 acres of land. Our factory consists of Production Block, Quality Control Lab, R&D, Stores, Ware House and Service Block. Green Belt is developed in about 60% of the site.

We have both multipurpose and dedicated facilities complying with ISO9001 standard, which is equipped with reactors from 2,000L to 6,000L with a total capacity of over 460,000L. We have two kilo-class pilot plants and four commercial-class plants with production output capability form kilograms to metric tons. A dedicated hydrogenation plant with capacity of 7,000L and cryogenic shop are set up in succession.

Multi-purpose and dedicated facilities
Reaction Temperature: -80~ 250C
Reactor Volume: 50-8,000L, Total: 460 M3.
Material for Reactor: Glass-lined & Stainless
Utilities: Steam, Chiller, De-ion Water etc
Waste Water Treatment: 500MT/day, COD<300

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